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Alison Balano

Musician, educator and cultivator of the spirit. Co-founder of the Wild Spirit community, Alison offers archetypal consulting, end of life planning and personality typology.

Alyson Swihart

Co-founder of The Wild Spirit Community, Alyson offers art circles and supports creatives entrepreneurially so they can create more.

Corrine Kinczel

Co- founder of The Wild Spirit Community, Corrine offering sound healing, energy clearing, birth chart readings, past lives readings and aura readings.

Dr. Hazel Jay

I guide clients in choosing faith over fear so they can GLOW and UNLEASH their tailor made purpose without sacrificing their self, family, and career. Often referred to as a GLOWologist, I reweave cultural centered and holistic practices, creative expression, my past experiences, hypnosis, imagery, past life regression, cognitive behavioral psychology, nlp, and grief counseling and bring love, joy, peace and happiness to my framework and approach.

Aaron Kierbel

Founder of RhythmALLogy, an organization using interactive drumming and rhythm making for building community and human potential. 

Sharon Knight

Sharon is a musician, artist, Tarot guide, and experience designer who explores themes of enchantment, animism, and magic in her work - and creates adventures, workshops, retreats, and classes to help participants find their enchantment.

Lena Sazo

Your HERO in your Home Buying or Refinancing Story. Lena assist you in managing the largest indebtedness that you will ever take on and how that fits into your long-term financial goals. 


Sina Carroll

A 10 year yoga practitioner on a journey of self discovery through personal development.Sina has found that her professional career has flourished when grounded in yoga and breathing practices. Join Sina for live stream Yin Yoga classes.

Jayeesha Dutton

Jayeesha Dutta, is an artist and facilitator in Southern Florida, who's mission is painting a just world full of healing and colorful possibilities. She is the Program Director at Windcall Institutethe co-founding member of Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, and serves as co-chair of the board for Eyewitness Palestine. 

Brenda Schuman-Post

A San Francisco based free lance orchestral musician, she's the founder/director of Sonic Forest, a chamber ensemble devoted to music inspired by nature and providing music based education and entertainment to diverse audiences, with unique and special devotion to senior citizens and audiences in under-served communities.

Nimo Patel

Nimo Patel, is a world-renowned musician, humanitarian and ambassador of love and peace. Through his Non-Profit, Empty Hands Music, he continues to use music and art as an inspiring agent of change. Most recently Nimo took a group of 17 underprivileged children on a world tour of a dance drama musical show he directed called “Jai Jagat”.